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Students should try their best to do their homework on their own. If they still have problems, I will help them to find the right solutions. Generally, I avoid turning my sessions into homework sessions since I'd like to give the student the benefit of being given additional work from outside the classroom. In any case, I always support my students the best way I can.

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Do you help students complete their homework?

All my tutoring sessions are at least 2 hours long, this may sound very long but most of my students admit after the first session that the time passes by very quickly. When you are engaged in individual learning, it is different than sitting in a classroom. Normally, homework is only reviewed but not completed during the session. I expect students to do their homework ahead of time, so we can pinpoint the problems and work on solving them together.

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What can I expect from a tutoring session?

No, I do not. No teacher can guarantee a good mark for a student, but I always contact the guardians/parents about the student's progress. I also expect that parents/guardians inform me about the student's marks at school. If we all work together and if the student does his/her homework and makes sure to ask whenever they have questions, then there is no reason for them not to succeed. 

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Do you give a guarantee for good results?

Do you teach older students?

I have taught students who are going to adult school,  taking ILC-programs, and those starting the first year of University. Most of them have been out of school for many years and have difficulties reconnecting with math or physics topics. Although I prefer working within the grade 10 to 12 curriculum, some exceptions can be made for adult students. Please call me to discuss your goals.

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Home tutoring is much more personal than online tutoring. A home tutor can customize her/his approach to the students individual learning method better than an online tutor. This is because a home tutor can observe a students behavior and learning habits directly as opposed to the online tutor who is further removed behind the monitor. 

What is the difference between a home tutor and an online tutor?

That depends on each student and each scenario. Please contact me and I'd be happy to discuss your child's (or your own) learning plan with you.

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Do you assign homework to your students?

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