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Hello and welcome to my page,

my name is Masood and I am an electrical engineer by trade and have been a professional Math and Physics tutor in the Peel Region for 17+ years. I specialize in group and individual tutoring. I made a career change to full-time tutoring in 2007, after increased demand for my services allowed me to do so. I have never looked back since, I thoroughly enjoy what I do ! 


I have an accredited degree in electrical engineering by the University of Toronto and specialize in teaching Mathematics and Physics to High School students in grades 10, 11 and 12. I am familiar with the local school curriculum and often collaborate with my students' full time teachers.


My teaching pedagogy centers on the belief that strengthening self-confidence in a student is the fundamental stepping stone leading to success. 


My usual language of instruction is in English, but at your request I am also able to instruct in German and Farsi.

Customized lessons to fit
every student's learning style.

I believe that mastering the lesson material is a big part of  being a good tutor , but patience, creative problem solving, flexibility and clear communication are what make a great and truly effective teacher or tutor.


I've worked with many different students with varied learning styles. I adapt my lessons to the individual needs of each of my students. No matter the goal, I am confident that every student can achieve excellence as long as they have a desire and willingness to do the work that is required.  A positive attitude is half the battle.


My students vary greatly, from individuals that have fallen behind of the curriculum to those who are far ahead of their class.


Students that have fallen behind and need to catch up often face an uphill battle emotionally, they will benefit from having their confidence rebuilt. Often, big class rooms and overworked teachers can not provide the individual attention that some students require, or the student simply requires a different teaching style. Students are often suprised at how easily they are able to comprehend the same materials they previously thought impossible. It is not a matter of intelligence but a matter of time. 


Students that are in "advanced" or in gifted programs and those that are well ahead of their regular school curriculum often approach me because they are looking for a challenge or they are looking to fast-track their careers, or simply, they are beginning to be bored in class and it is negatively impacting their motivation. Whether training for a competition or a University or College entrance, I work with the students up to three times a week to meet their goals. We work hard together!

To read more about my teaching philosophy, please see my "Teaching Style" page.


Students can take individual sessions or bring a friend to split the cost among a group.


Before we begin, I hold a complimentary intake session with the student and his/her guardians (depending on the student's age). This is an informal meet and greet where we can assess the student's needs, and design a custom plan to reach the student's particular goals.


Many of my students feel the benefit of individualized tutoring and have stayed with me throughout their elementary to secondary school years. Some have even stayed on during their first year of university (Math and Physics).

Where to start?
Choose from Individual or 
Group lessons.
Maclean's Annual University Ranking 2017
"The best of the best"

Familiar names top the ranking charts again this year: McGill University, Simon Fraser University and the University of Northern British Columbia all retain their first-place finishes in their respective categories.

McGill holds the top spot in the Medical Doctoral category for the 12th year in a row.....

June 05, 2017


      ... his (Masood's) way of explaining the problem was much clearer than the explanation provided in my text-book.. 

—Francois,  29 - First Year University Accounting Class



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